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What We Do

Chartwell Integrated Technologies, Inc. provides services focused on choosing or building software applications. We excel at application development and solution implementation. Since 1998 we've focused on designing, deploying, building, enhancing and supporting strategic software assets for our clients.

Software Strategy

Software Strategy &

You know what you want to do, but need the right tools and team to accomplish your goals. We help organizations clarify needs, compose requirements, and implement solutions.

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Application Development

Software Application

Going from an idea to a unique, tangible and effective software application that enhances your business is both achievable and a good investment.

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Operational Support


Ensure the people who use your software solutions have the backing of a team that can help provide insight, answer questions, solve problems, and deliver improvements.

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Our Approach

The software and systems that are available today cover a dizzying spectrum of functionality and capabilities. So too do the needs of businesses like yours! At Chartwell IT, we can help you focus by listening to what you want, understanding the big picture and the subtleties, imagining the solution that best fits your needs, and then charting a course to successful implementation and adoption of a new software suite.

Why Choose Chartwell IT

We provide the full life-cycle service suite that you need when tackling a critical development project. Our value is figuring out what-to-do, how-to-do-it and the skills needed to get-the-job-done.


Methodically assessing business technology needs based on organizational goals, stated functional requirements, data analysis, and stakeholder interviews
Formulating strategically aligned and cost-conscious solution designs for the purpose of advancing business goals, enabling operational insights and improving efficiency
Developing functionally rich, custom software applications with fully integrated and optimized data engines that are designed to enhance operational productivity
Delivering software for web-based, mobile, and desktop usage to match today's many modes of working
Integrating Cloud Computing infrastructure to ensure that enterprise business applications have the computing power, security, scalability and reliability needed to perform optimally—everywhere and always


Enterprise-wide software applications for records management and process workflow
Geospatial data visualization and analysis software
Mobile applications for collecting in-situ data at geographic locations
Automated integration with commercial laboratories to deliver and retrieve data for processing and reporting
Advanced portals designed to facilitate employee collaboration, document sharing, business analytics and workflow optimization
OEM product development for controlling, collecting, visualizing, manipulating and saving data
Requirements gathering, vendor analysis and software selection of enterprise-wide solutions
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At Chartwell IT we understand that technology is a means to an end. We’ll partner with you to understand and refine your organizational goals, then help you implement technology solutions that improve your business.

Web technology has become the most effective way to engage, communicate and optimize how you interact with the people that are vital to your business success. We can build web applications that tie the content, data and work processes together, and make them available in a secure manner. Whether you're envisioning a new Web Site, a Mobile App, or highly functional Web Applications / Portals, we can implement a solution for you.
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The trend continues. More product transactions are made via eCommerce enabled web applications then ever before. B2C E-Commerce solutions engage consumers to buy goods. And, E-Business requirements for B2B transactions between manufacturers, distributors and partners have a wide variety of needs. Selecting the right B2C E-Commerce or B2B E-Commerce solution is critical for your current and future needs.
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Data tells the story. Today's thought leaders recognize the value of capturing important data, then analyzing it to obtain critical insights. Designing the right solution depends on the type and volume of data, and the desired reporting needs.
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Microsoft Azure opens new doors to companies world wide that need the computer resources to maintain and grow their business using effective, extensible and reliable solutions. We can help you with your cloud computing needs, especially when looking to host applications and data in the cloud.
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Industries Served

Chartwell IT has successfully applied our technical know-how and business skills across many industries, bringing a broad perspective and approach to the benefit of each client.

Agriculture & Agribusiness
Food & Beverage
Information Technology
Scientific Computing
Web Services
E4 Crop Intelligence

E4 Crop Intelligence® has worked very hard to become an important player in the emerging Precision Agriculture market. Initially, our business needed special software tools to distribute important information to our customer base. And, as time went on, we needed that technology to include more functionality and process automation to allow our staff to manage a larger work load. Chartwell IT was able to translate my vision and ideas into our new software system, making us more efficient and capable, and positioning us as a leading innovator. Our new software system, combined with our service offerings, has allowed us to expand our market across the nation.

- Greg Reisz, owner, E4 Crop Intelligence, LLC