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Web Applications

Web Applications serve many purposes. Corporate web sites with content management capabilities. Web portals delivering dashboards with KPI's and managing a wealth of content. Unique sites that are enabled for the mobile work force, and provide business specific functionality. E-Commerce solutions that allow consumers to buy products, or business partners to have real time access to information.

Web application solutions can be built to run on cloud computers and use cloud resources. Or, they can be built to run on-premise. Hybrid architectures integrating cloud servers with on-premise systems are also common, supporting shared information to fit business needs.

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Responsive Design

Built to deliver a rich user experience, operating from common web browsers such as Edge, Internet Explorer, Safari and Google Chrome as well as browsers on tablets and smart phones. Designed using technologies such as HTML5 and the Bootstrap Framework.

Native Mobile Apps

Harness the power of mobile devices with business-specific apps. Integrate these apps with web services to deliver a highly functional tool that meets your business needs. Mobile apps can be compatible with phones and tablets. Built using Xamarin for cross-platform operation on iOS, Android and Windows 10 devices.

Data Driven

Web applications are built to retrieve and store a wide variety of data. Structured data stored in databases, data warehouses and directories can be integrated into the applications. Unstructured data such as documents and files can also be managed through web applications.

Web Content Management

Web sites requiring frequent content updates benefit from Web Content Management (WCM) solutions. Web site owners manage the web site contents without out the need of web developers. WCM solutions can be used when designing a public web site. Or, products such as Microsoft SharePoint® makes an ideal platform for publishing information to employees.

Web Services

The expanding use of web services to deliver data between computer systems continues to expand. Web services allow your data to become an asset and be used by partners and consumers, and are one of the key technologies when integrating systems. Publish full API's to maximize the web service usage by your clients.