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Business Intelligence & Data Analytics

Data is a resource. Extracting intelligence from the data makes it an asset. Most organizations have a diverse and de-centralized data architecture, and a variety of both structured and unstructured data scenarios. Specific business goals are the basis for determing what data is required in support of those goals. Once the goals are established, a strategy can be determined to harvest the data and present results to individuals in a useful context that is relevant to their needs and expectations.

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Data Architecture

Assess the type, location and volume of both structured and unstructured (e.g. files and documents) data within your organization. Define and document security, privacy, revision and retention policies. Understand value your data has both as individual records and aggregated information. Determine the best architecture to fit both management and reporting needs.

Data Warehousing

The type, volume and potential uses of your structured data can determine whether a data warehousing environment is of value. Transactional data gathered in your internal databases can be organized in the data warehouses for efficient reporting over complex requirements, and scale to extremely large data sets.


Leverage search technology against both structured and unstructured data. Allow users to find the information they're looking for quickly and efficiently. Tools and technologies in products such as Microsoft SharePoint® can present search results based upon the user's permission to see the data.

Business Intelligence Suites

Extract data using powerful tools such as Microsoft Power BI or Microsoft Excel. Display professional reports and graphs, and view them from your computer or mobile device. Automate reporting or use the tools in an ad hoc fashion.

Portals & Dashboards

Present data in a variety of ways by creating Web Portals which can organize data and control access. Use effective dashboards, tailored to different roles, to present Key Performance Metrics (KPI's) that are computed from your primary enterprise data sources.