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Microsoft Azure Cloud

Microsoft Azure Cloud provides an ideal hosting model for web applications, data, file storage and network services. Hosting production-class functionality is ideal on Microsoft Azure, with a wide range of compliance offerings, reliability, scalability and capacity. Hosting pilot applications, development environments and infrastructure services allows maximum flexibility to rapidly deploy technologies to meet your current needs and then retire services when not needed, reducing capital expenditures.

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Application Hosting

Deploy the right infrastructure components such as web servers, process servers, API managers and other components needed to run your enterprise software assets. Web servers and process servers can rapidly scale up or down to meet the usage demands. Size the servers to fit the processing needs of your application to balance cost vs. performance requirements.

App Services

App design is accelerated using Azure App Services. Web Apps, Mobile Apps and API Apps all benefit from the Azure functionality and capabilities, both in the design of the Apps and operation.

Database Services

Utilize SQL Database-as-a-service to deploy a highly reliable and scalable relational database resource for your applications. Performance and size choices allow selecting the right resource capacity. Select backup and redundancy options to match your database needs to business expectations. Deploy data warehouse solutions to support advanced analytics.

File Services

Store all varieties of files on the cloud for use with your Web and Mobile applications. Storage solutions are cost effective and have very high capacity. Choose optional geo-redundant configurations for high reliability and availability. Media services meet the special storage and delivery of video content.

IoT Services

Collect and analyze data from IoT-enabled devices. The IoT Hub supports manageing and real-time data collection from billions of devices in a secure manner, allowing your IoT world to scale as needed. Use Azure services to anlyze the data.

Infrastructure Services

Configure many key components for use by your applications or enterprise. Active Directory, DNS, Virtual Networks and Backup (and more) provides the resources needed to virtualize components and make them available for general use, or for application specific scenarios such as hybrid cloud / on-premise needs.