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Commerce enabled technology has changed consumer buying habits as well as business sales strategies. Sales transactions are the core of eCommerce systems. But additional capabilities like on-line marketing campaigns, service integration, customer analytics, SEO and social media leveraging are a few of the technologies that have proven valuable to businesses. Companies and organizations must address how they can improve their on-line presence, whether serving the Business-to-Consumer (B2C) or Business-to-Business (B2B) customers, or a blending of both.

B2B Commerce

Manufacturers face special challenges when it comes to e-Commerce. The B2B world consists of multiple sales channels, global relationships, unique pricing policies, large order volume, and many other considerations. To meet these demands it is necessary to pick the right technology that meets the wide variety of usage models and enhances established channel relationships. It must also be tightly integrated to key internal systems to achieve significant process efficiencies, reducing transaction cost and improving customer service.

Business models for distributors also have potentially complex relationships and needs for servicing their customer base. The more they can optimize their business processes, the greater value they have to their customers.

Creating or enhancing your e-Business presence and capabilities involves developing a cohesive strategy that blends the web-technologies with business objectives and goals. Implementing commerce-enabled web sites and integrating them with internal business systems means picking the right B2B e-Commerce platform and the right implementation team.

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Business Needs


Employees, Vendors, Parnters

Distributors, Retailers

Direct Customers


Quotes / Orders / Shipping / Work Flow

Pricing Rules / Product Availability

Self Service Status / Transaction History




Currency / Language

Catalogs by Brand

Catalog Content by Organization

B2C Commerce

Business Needs


Direct Customers


Orders / Shipping / Availability

Pricing with Discounts

Promotions / Campaign Management


SEO Driving Leads and Orders

Social Media Leverage

Customer List Management / E-Mail Marketing


Order Management / Payment Processing

Accounting Systems Integration

Consumer acceptance of e-Commerce is well established and growing. Retailers look to attract customers in many ways, both through traditional marketing and sales efforts and through electronic means such as search engine results, e-mail campaigns and social media exposure.

A clean, attractive and appealing web site helps too! Adopting an end-to-end approach for your B2C e-Commerce site is recommended. Create a high quality on-line catalog wrapped with a compelling user experience. Include the key features that support the buying experience like inventory availability, shipping and tax functions. Implement personalization technology and related products to help the consumer with their buying choices. Provide customer service capabilities. These and many other concepts will work to build loyalty and drive business with your customers.

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